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Capture the moment of a life time

Who do you trust with your most precious of memories? 
TheGphoto is a Photo Group which is base in San Jose. 
TheGphoto captures the anticipation, energy and excitement that naturally occur among friends and family.
Our images tell your story through visually compelling photographs that embrace real moments in time as 
well as artistically highlight the many personalities that celebrate your union or family moments.

Our goal is to retain the spontaneous moments and traditional events that record your most important of day.

We offer these services:

* Wedding
* Event
* Express Service (One hour photo on location)
Design Photo Album
* We do photo books, Posters, Leather album, DVD slide show

We'd love to have a package price for you. However, our clients have different needs. 
We want to serve you on what you need, so please feel free to contact us for more information and pricing.